Cameron DeWhitt is a clawhammer banjoist, old time musician, podcaster, and songwriter living in Philadelphia. He hosts the old time podcast Get Up in the Cool and his second full-length, self-titled album of original songs is available now.

Get Up in the Cool is a journey into the heart of traditional Appalachian fiddle music. His guests choose a handful of tunes and a theme, such as Mississippi fiddle music from the 1930's, the social cost of playing the hammered dulcimer, or black fiddlers and banjo players, and Cameron digs for the deeper meaning behind the music. Whimsical tunes with seemingly innocuous titles like "Jimmy in the Swamp" or "Great Big Taters in Sandy Land" prove to have profound, hidden insight into the American experience, still relevant today. Get Up in the Cool suggests that if you look at the intersection of community, race, class, tradition, innovation, our history and the future you'll find a banjo and a fiddle. 

Cameron's original songs explore love, death, anxiety, overcoming repression, judgment and forgiveness. His lyrics display a quick, profound wit, enriched throughout with weighty metaphors and literary cross-references. Through personal and biblical stories, he prompts the listener to contemplate the definition of love, the character of God, and the human struggle towards hope and redemption.

Cameron lives with his wife, Rebecca, and son, Theodore, in the East Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, where he is a part of the Circle of Hope Community.