Spencer Family and Friends (Living Links to the Source) by Cameron DeWhitt

Welcome to Get Up in the Cool: Old Time Music with Cameron DeWhitt and Friends. This episode features a lot of my new friends! Thornton, Emily and Kilby Spencer, Kelly Brieding and Debbie Bramer. Kilby Spencer reached out to me a while back with some recommendations for guests, so I crashed at his and Kelly’s place in Crumpler, North Carolina, and he lined up some amazing guests for me, including Shohei Tsutsumi, whose episode aired last week. 
Before my trip, I hadn’t heard a lot of this style of fiddling and banjo playing, so I was pretty blown away when we got started. I’m used to playing this nonspecific, northern, festival-style, so let’s just say I expended a lot effort trying to keep up with these folks. Unfortunately, because there were six of us playing in a living room, this episode was a little more difficult to mix than the average one-on-one session. You only really notice it on a couple songs were the vocals get a bit lost. I hope the energy of the jam makes up for it

Tunes we’ll play:
Sugar hill
Johnson boys
Lost Indian
Eighth of January
Stagger Lee
John Brown’s Dream

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