REBROADCAST: Harry Bolick (Mississippi Fiddle Tunes and Songs from the 1930's) / by Cameron DeWhitt

Welcome to Get Up in the Cool: Old Time Music with Cameron DeWhitt and Friends! This week is another rebroadcast of an old episode, my interview and jam with Harry Bolick. I wanted to take advantage of my brief pause in posting new content to give this episode a little more love and care. Specifically, I’m slightly better at mixing than I was when I originally released this, so I tweaked a few settings and now the music sounds better. 

I’m going to keep this intro short and let Harry speak for himself. All I’ll say is that I have an enormous amount of respect for him and his musical interests and ambitions, and when the coup succeeds and Mississippi Fiddle music reigns supreme over all of Old Time, I will be among the assenting voices and I will gladly bow.

Stick around after the interview and I’ll tell you where to get Harry’s music, both recorded and printed. Then I’ll tell you how you can support Get Up in the Cool and join the exclusive inner circle of people who listen to each week’s bonus track, or the even more exclusive circle of people who get mp3’s of the tunes from each episode. 

I hope you enjoy Harry’s stories and the music he’s collected. Take a listen! 

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