REBROADCAST Mark Simos (The Other Side of Complexity) / by Cameron DeWhitt



Tunes we’ll play:
Old Aunt Jenny With Her Nightcap On
Old Billy Hell
Poor Little Johnny’s Gone to the War
Duck River
Shaking Down the Acorns
aking Down the ShAcorns
Bonus Track: Run All Night

Welcome to Get Up in the Cool: Old Time Music with Cameron DeWhitt and Friends! This week’s friend is Mark Simos, fiddler and professor at Berklee College of Music. I visited him in his home back in February when I took my Boston trip. I didn’t know Mark at all prior to our session, but both Mark Kilianski and Adam Hurt recommended him, so my expectations were high. And I wasn’t disappointed! Mark’s a fantastic fiddler and he has a lot of ideas about what music is and why it’s important; traditional music especially. So, basically the perfect Get Up in the Cool guest. It was nice to not feel like I was being self-indulgent when I wanted to wax philosophical about fiddle tunes, he was right there with me. But, don’t get the wrong idea, this is by no means an overly talky episode. Mark curated a great jam of great versions of great tunes, with an emphasis on effective, intentional simplicity. I’m really excited for you to hear it!

Stick around after the jam and I’ll tell you where to hear more of Mark’s music and possibly study with him. Then, for those of you who are interested, I’ll tell you how to support Get Up in the Cool and feel super good about yourself and also get exclusive bonus content. But first, here’s my interview and jam with Mark Simos. Enjoy!