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Dotty Moore (Suzuki Refugee) by Cameron DeWhitt

Welcome to Get Up in the Cool: Old Time Music with Cameron DeWhitt and Friends. This week’s friends are Dotty Moore on fiddle and special guest accompanist, Jordan Rast, on guitar. Dotty didn’t have any particular theme in mind, so we threw a set together last minute, which I think added a pretty fun dynamic to the music and conversation. On the spectrum between jam and performance, this episode leans jam, but it’s a really hot jam! Which I think is the best case scenario for Get Up in the Cool.

Dotty’s soundloud:
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Tunes we play:
Devil Ate the Groundhog
Walkin’ in My Sleep
Gone to the Free State
The Blackest Crow
George Booker

Bonus Track:
Can You Dance a Tobacco Hill?

Jordan Rast (Growing Up Old Time) by Cameron DeWhitt

Welcome to Get Up in the Cool: Old Time Music with Cameron DeWhitt and Friends! This week’s friend is fiddler and songwriter Jordan Rast. Jordan grew up going to clifftop, and he shared a lot of fun stories that I vicariously enjoyed. Most people sort of stumble upon or wander into Old Time Music, but Jordan was raised on the stuff. It’s always interesting, hearing people like Jordan talk about this music; he’s not a fanatic, like most folks who find Old Time as adults, like me. To Jordan, it’s just sort of a given, more akin to going home to visit your folks. He has an appreciation for the tradition that’s had time to settle, but the  Old Time is rooted a lot deeper in him than it is in most folks. 

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Tunes we’ll play:
Huldy in the Sinkhole
Unknown title Rhys Jones learned from John Summers
Making Shivers
Three Forks of the Cumberland
Over the Waterfall
Bonus Track: Sadie at the Backdoor