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Charlie Walden (Possum's Big Fiddle Show) by Cameron DeWhitt

Welcome to Get Up in the Cool: Old Time Music with Cameron DeWhitt and Friends! This week’s episode is a crossover, shared universe, trad music spectacular with Charlie Walden’s new podcast, Possum’s Big Fiddle Show! 

This episode is a special video episode! Watch us on YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAljvnmQwFU 

Tunes we’ll play:
Talk to Dinah
Virginia Darling
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Turkey in the Pea Patch
Bonus Track: Fat Meat and Dumplings

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Charlie Walden (Midwest Fiddling, Old Time Radio, and The Mando Mule) by Cameron DeWhitt

Welcome to Get Up in the Cool: Old Time Music with Cameron DeWhitt and Friends! This week’s friend is Charlie Walden. We recorded this at Rupert and Karen’s house in Chicago, so... thanks, new Chicago buddies!

Tunes we’ll play:
Arkansas Traveler
Danced All Night With A Bottle In My Hand
Leather Britches
The Girl I Left Behind Me
New Boston Hornpipe
Constitution Hornpipe
Bonus Track: Happy Jack

Stuff to plug:
Charlie’s Website: http://charliewalden.com/
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Chirps Smith (Midwestern Fiddler) by Cameron DeWhitt

Welcome to Get Up in the Cool: Old Time Music with Cameron DeWhitt and Friends! This week’s friend is Chirps Smith! And I’m really excited to be able to say that. We recorded this over Labor Day weekend in Chicago at the Midwest Sing and Stomp; so special thanks again to Dan McDonald, AKA Spitzer Space Telescope, and the Old Lazarus’ Harp folk collective for hiring and hosting us!

Tunes we’ll play:
Turkey in the Straw
Stump-Tailed Dog
Hooker’s Hornpipe
The Old Red Barn
Cora Dye
Hobb Dye
John Dye
Bonus Track: The Maid Behind the Bar

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John Lane (Missouri Fiddle Tunes) by Cameron DeWhitt

Welcome to Get Up in the Cool: Old Time Music with Cameron DeWhitt and Friends! This week’s guest is John Lane, and we’re going to play some Missouri tunes for you, and tell you which tunes you know and love have been Missouri tunes all along. You may be surprised! Some of you definitely won’t be, because you’re Old Time super nerds, and I love that about you. Never change. 

Anyway, this episode is very good. We recorded it in Spitzer Space Telescope’s apartment in Chicago while I was in town for the Midwest Sing and Stomp. His room’s part of an old repurposed dentists’ office, and the room at the end of the hall was an art gallery. The bathroom window opened up onto an ancient fire escape, and when Dan made us pancakes, he had to do it on an electric element. It was just about the most bohemian living situation I’d ever seen, and it was delightful. Dan just hung out in the corner while we jammed, and Chet, a contradance caller from knoxville, I think, sat at his desk and practiced calligraphy. I just wanted to set the scene, because there’s a fair amount of street noise in this episode, and I think it will be more enjoyable if you can picture our setting. 

Make sure to stick around after the interview to find out where to listen to John’s music and also hear some exciting news about Get Up in the Cool. Let’s get it started. Here’s my jam and chat with John Lane. Enjoy!

Tunes we’ll play:
Grand Picnic
Salty River Reel
Pride of America
Coming Up the Pike
Iberia Breakdown
Bonus Track: Johnny Don’t Come Home Drunk

John’s album: https://fiddlerjones.bandcamp.com/releases 
Follow John on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/johndaniellane 
and YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/twolaneroad 
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